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Chapter 68

  • Naomi looked into his eyes and saw the desire in them, she had no doubt she had the same desire in her eyes.
  • For four years, she dreamt about him; how it would be like to be in his arms again and how it would be like having him in her. She wanted him so bad that she couldn’t refuse his offer.
  • Instead of replying with words, she kissed him. Chris returned the kiss with the same passion.
  • He guided her to the bathroom, gently pushed her against the wall and continued to savour her sweet lips.
  • They pulled away when they were almost out of breath and he used that opportunity to undress her. He lifted her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra. For some reason, his eyes couldn’t leave her breasts.
  • Christopher noticed they were bigger than the last time he saw them. It didn’t look as if Tyler had sucked from them. They were just......perfect!
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