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Chapter 40

  • Collins' advice stung Christopher like an injury. He hardly had any sleep that night as he kept on replaying the conversation in his head.
  • If only he had come clean about the whole situation to Naomi before her brother told the truth. If only he had adhered to his sister’s suggestion of telling his parents about Naomi, maybe things would have turned out differently.
  • Christopher decided he was going to have a serious talk with Vivian. They had to end things and go their separate ways. At this point, he was willing to give anything just to part ways with her.
  • Unfortunately, Christopher had not had the time to talk to Vivian. He had been on a business trip for more than three weeks without making any contact with Vivian.
  • His only statement before he left was that he would be gone for almost a month and when he came back he had something to discuss with her.
  • Christopher remembered Vivian’s Doctor’s appointment during his trip. Since he was not around, he contacted his mom to accompany her which of course she happily did.
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