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Chapter 37

  • “Are you guys okay? I mean you and Collins?” He asked, concerned.
  • “Not really.” She whispered, still not looking at him.
  • Christopher knew She was hiding something from him but he let it go, he saw how uncomfortable she was and he could swear he almost heard the sound of her heartbeat from where he was seated. He knew better not to ask further questions, stress was not good for the baby so he let it go.
  • They ate their breakfast in silence and then Christopher assisted Vivian in doing the dishes.
  • He noticed how sluggish she was in the kitchen which made him wonder if she was okay. He watched her as she made her way towards the counter, probably to rest against it for support or to sit on the stool beside it but before she got there, her legs gave up.
  • Vivian thought she was going to land on the floor and bump her head against the cold cream coloured tiles but she heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her body.
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