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Chapter 65

  • “Sweetheart, wake up we are about to land, ” Christopher whispered in her ear.
  • She reluctantly opened her eyes, Chris kissed her forehead and buckled her up. He could see she still wanted to sleep. He smiled, he couldn’t wait for her to meet Tyler.
  • They finally landed, their luggage was transferred to the car and they got in too. The trio occupied the backseat with Zoe in the middle, munching on a bag of chips.
  • “Since it’s late, I think I should stop by Claire’s place and I’ll see you guys tomorrow, ” Susan said.
  • “Are you sure? I asked Naomi if you can stay with us and she agreed. Her place is big enough for all of us.”
  • “I appreciate it but you guys need your privacy and I want to respect that. Besides, I don’t want you and Naomi to remind me of how single I am.” She teased.
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