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Chapter 39

  • “That reminds me, I’m pretty upset with you for not inviting me to your wedding.”
  • “I’m so sorry about that Ed and besides you were out of the country.” Chris justified.
  • “Nonsense, If you had told me about it I would have cut my trip short and come back in time for the wedding.”
  • “I never knew you had something for Vivian? You always complained about how much you disliked her.” He said seriously before taking a glance at Vivian who was getting acquainted with Rita, his wife and other friends.
  • Christopher shrugged and reached for his glass of wine on the table. "It just happened," he replied before connecting the glass to his lips.
  • “Is there something you aren’t telling....” He was about to ask but they were interrupted by Collins, Vivian’s brother.
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