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Chapter 17

  • When it was almost noon, Naomi and Ryan changed into casual clothes and made their way out of her apartment. Ryan managed to convince Naomi to let him drive and she allowed him, giving him directions where necessary.
  • Their first stop was to a popular Gallery and after that, they went to the mall because Naomi needed a few things. Despite her disapproval, Ryan paid for everything.
  • Then they went to a restaurant to feed themselves for lunch which obviously Ryan paid for. Naomi knew the restaurant was an expensive one so she decided to split the bill with Ryan but he denied, bearing the whole cost. She was tired of fighting with him over who to pay so she let him.
  • As soon as they left the restaurant, She took him to her fashion house which was almost completed by the way. They met some workers who were painting and some were decorating the already painted and dried area. Ryan was impressed with what he saw. She showed him around and He listened to her as she talked about her dreams and things she wanted to accomplish before she turned 30. He was so damn proud of her and was sure she was going to take the fashion industry to the next level. Naomi was already a popular model and she had collaborated with a lot of fashion brands, so no doubt her fashion empire will be nothing but successful.
  • They left the fashion house and made their way to a nearby park. They bought ice cream, sat on a bench, engaged in a conversation as they devoured their ice cream.
  • After that, they decided to walk around the park and take pictures.
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