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Chapter 61

  • Naomi, Christopher, and Tyler spent their Saturday in Naomi’s home; They decided not to go out so they stayed in and spent the whole day together.
  • They ate, cuddled, went for a swim, watched movies and played hide and seek. It was a fun-filled Saturday for the three of them. At night, Tyler insisted he wanted to sleep with his parents and they let him take the middle space on Naomi’s bed.
  • The enjoyment came to an end all too soon as It was a Sunday afternoon and Christopher had to return to Miami but Tyler wasn’t making things easy as he kept on crying, not wanting his father to leave him and his mom.
  • “I don’t like to see you cry, Ty. Daddy will be back in four days.” He persuaded, hoping he would stop crying.
  • Christopher was tempted to stay back but he couldn’t because he had to finish some office work he abandoned, he had to figure out what to do so he could spend more time with Naomi and Tyler, and he had to see Zoe.
  • “Don’t go, Daddy.” He said as another tear rolled down his cheeks. The more Naomi wiped his tears, the more they kept on falling.
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