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Chapter 19

  • “What the hell is wrong with you, Luis? First, you came here banging at my door when it’s barely 6 am for crying out loud and now you’re shouting like a lunatic.” She shouted at him.
  • Linda closed the door behind her and walked towards Luis. “Please come down, Luis.” She whispered to him but he turned deaf ears. Instead, he raised his voice at her.
  • “How do you expect me to come down when that bastard is deceiving my Sister. I swear I’ll kill him with my bare hands.”
  • Ryan woke up because he heard a noise coming from the living room, he panicked when he didn’t see Naomi beside him. He reached for his shirt and wore it over his shorts after which he left for the living room.
  • “Naomi, what’s going on?”
  • As soon as those words left Ryan’s mouth, Luis made his way to where he was and gave him a punch on his Jaw after which he slapped him very hard, gave him another punch and then reached for a Vase which was placed on a nearby stool, he was about to hit it on Ryan’s head but the ladies in the room intervened.
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