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Chapter 38

  • Days Later.
  • Tonight would be their first public appearance together as a couple. Christopher was invited to a birthday party of one of his business partners. He couldn’t say no to the invitation and at the same time, he could not attend without taking Vivian along.
  • Christopher was seated in the living room, dressed up in his tailored suit and matching designer shoes, typing away on his phone while waiting for Vivian to come out of her room.
  • “I’m ready.” Christopher heard a voice say behind him. He sighed in relief and muttered something Vivian couldn’t quite catch.
  • “You should really keep to time Vivian, I’m sick of your tardiness.” He shot her a glare and made his way out of the apartment, not caring if she caught up with him or not.
  • Vivian kept him waiting for over thirty minutes because she wanted to look good for him and also make a good impression at the party. She knew she was going to meet some of her friends at the party who would want to know how she was coping with her supposedly happy married life.
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