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Chapter 4

  • Naomi opened her eyes and saw that everywhere was still dark, she took a look at Ryan’s nightstand and saw it was just a few minutes past 5 am. She needed to leave as her Parents jet would be departing at 7 am on the dot. Naomi decided to spend five minutes admiring Ryan. He was so damn handsome and peaceful as he slept, She knew he was a possessive kind of guy with the way he wrapped his arms around her waist. She felt loved last night, he appreciated her body. Her cheeks started to turn red as she remembered the different positions they made love. He taught her different positions and she truly enjoyed them.
  • Deep down, Naomi, was sad everything was over as she would be going back to her home in a few hours and would probably never come across him. But she was happy he helped her forget about Connor and hopefully, moving on wouldn’t be that bad. She slowly unwrapped his arms around her waist, doing it as careful as possible not to wake him up and then she placed a light kiss on his forehead.
  • Naomi winced in pain as soon as she stood to her feet. She was so damn sore and needed a shower.
  • She quietly reached for her belongings that were scattered across the room, wore her dress and got hold of her heels. She looked for Ryan’s jacket and took her phone in it and then she walked out of his room, quietly shutting the door behind her.
  • She successfully made her way out of Ryan’s apartment building. She had to walk for a while before she eventually got a taxi and whilst in the taxi, she unlocked her phone and saw so many missed calls and texts from her chauffeur.
  • She replied him, apologized for missing his calls and texts and she told him to pick her up from her hotel in an hour.
  • The first thing Naomi did when she got to her hotel room was to take a shower. As she showered, she felt tingling sensations all over her body. She could feel Ryan’s touch against her body. She hadn’t even left Florida yet and her body was craving for him again. She shook her head off those thoughts and continued with her shower.
  • She dried herself, came out of the shower and took a look at the mirror. She gasped as she saw the number of hickeys Ryan left on her. She had about four on her neck and uncountable on her breasts and chest area. Sure she would not be able to wear clothes that exposed her neck or cleavage for a few days.
  • Naomi ended up wearing jeans trousers and matched it with an oversized sweater. She let her hair down too. Hopefully, it would cover the hickeys on her neck. She arranged her things in her small box after which she curled up on a couch with her arms wrapped around herself as she thought about her life. She knew she shouldn’t have gone to bed with Ryan but she didn’t regret doing so either.
  • Soon enough, there was a knock on her door. No doubt it was Daniel, the chauffeur. She stood up, reached for her handbag and suitcase then exited the hotel room.
  • ........................
  • Christopher woke up with a smile on his face and the smile faded immediately he set his eyes on the other side of the bed which was now empty. Chris’ heart became heavy, afraid that Naomi was gone.
  • He got up from the bed in a rush, he saw only his clothes on the floor, Naomi’s dress, underwear, heels and clutch were no longer there.
  • He panicked as he reached for a sweatpant and plain shirt, he put on the first slippers he could find and made his way down the building to see if he could still catch up with her and probably persuade her to come back to his apartment with him.
  • Unfortunately, luck was not on Chris's side. He drove fifteen minutes away from his apartment hoping he would find her walking down the street but he didn’t. He parked his car in a nearby park and stopped some people that were walking by to ask if they saw Naomi. He described the way she looked but they all gave negative answers.
  • With a heavy heart, Chris went back to his car and drove to his apartment. If there was anything he could think of, he was so mad at himself. Mad at himself for letting Naomi go. He finally saw the person he liked and he let her slip off his hand. Heck, he didn’t even know her full name or anything about her. How would he begin to search for her?
  • Chris walked into his apartment, crashed on the couch and buried his face in his hands. Naomi was the first girl he ever brought to his apartment, the first woman he ever made love to, the first person that disappeared before he woke up. The first lady that made him want something more.
  • He usually had his one night stand in hotels, never for once had he mistakenly brought any lady to his apartment and he usually leaves them in the hotel the next morning.
  • Some even stole from him after giving them the money they’ve agreed upon for the night but that was not the case of Naomi. Everything in his apartment was intact, she had the opportunity to steal from his apartment but she didn’t.
  • Chris stood up in a rush and walked to his bedroom, it was as if he remembered something. He reached for the Jacket he was putting on the previous night and searched the pocket but it was empty.
  • “Of course she remembered to take her phone before she left.” He mumbled as he made his way to his bed and laid on his back. He felt miserable, it was as if a part of him was missing. Forgetting about Naomi was not an option, he had to find her by all means.
  • ............
  • Naomi was clearly not in the mood to talk to anyone. She was supposed to return to her Parents mansion but she told the driver to take her to her apartment which was about over an hour drive away from her parents Mansion.
  • She thanked the driver who brought her suitcase right in front of the door to her apartment. She wanted to give him some cash but he refused politely. Unfortunately, she didn’t know his name but she knew he was one of her Parents’ drivers.
  • Naomi sighed as she stepped into her two-bedroom luxurious bungalow apartment. This was the place she felt like home. She switched on the light, opened the windows and went to her room to unpack.
  • Naomi reached for all her dirty clothes in the suitcase and took them to the laundry room. She also took her hairdryer, makeup purse, toothbrush and all other things she travelled with and kept them in their usual spot.
  • She prepared a bath for herself after which she stepped into the tub and soaked herself in it. Naomi did nothing but stare at the white ceiling, looking at nothing in particular as she was deep in thought. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan. His face, his smile, his voice, his touch.
  • Naomi groaned as she buried herself deeper into the tub. This two days trip was to help her get her mind off Connor and move on but after being intimate with Ryan, Naomi was not sure if she would ever get over him. He made her feel things she never felt before and most importantly, he worshipped her body, making her feel beyond special.