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Chapter 21

  • After what seemed like forever, Chris wiped his face with a handy face-towel. It was then he realized people were staring at him. He knew he looked horrible, with the bruises and bumps on his face but he couldn’t care less.
  • Christopher reached for his luggage and continued his journey. He hailed a taxi and told the driver to take him to the nearest hospital.
  • Just like his sister; Susan, Christopher hated hospitals. It was the last place on earth he ever wanted to be and his fear of needles was second to none.
  • Chris had to wait in the reception area for eight minutes before a doctor attended to him.
  • He was taken into a ward where his wounds were cleaned and treated. He ended up with two bandages on his face. One on the right side of his head and the other one was right above his lip. The bump on his forehead and right cheek was still visible.
  • The female doctor felt pity for him as she cleaned and treated his wound. From his reaction, she could tell he was in pain. His handsome face was disfigured and no doubt he won’t be able to chew for the next few days because of his swollen cheek.
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