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Chapter 25

  • Naomi fiddled with the silver necklace she was putting on; hoping to get some comfort from it. She knew what she was going to hear in a few minutes was not what she wanted to hear and neither was she prepared for it.
  • Naomi had not been feeling well; she now lacks appetite, her favourite foods were like her worst enemy. It was just yesterday she realized she was late for her monthly period.
  • And that was when it hit her really hard that she might be pregnant. But on the other hand, she was praying for it to be a bug or any other temporary infection but not a baby because she was not ready to be a mother.
  • She hardly slept last night because of the unending thoughts that were going through her head. She wondered what went wrong because she was on the pill.
  • As early as 9 in the morning, Naomi left her home for her family hospital. Fortunately, Doctor Marie was able to attend to her as soon as she got there. She told Doctor Marie the reason she was here which was to confirm if she was pregnant or not.
  • Doctor Marie who was like an elder Sister to Naomi asked some personal questions about her sex life and other necessary things. Naomi replied as truthfully as she could and then Marie ushered her to the Laboratory room where her blood and Urine sample was taken.
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