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Chapter 8

  • The situation got worse as soon as Vivian left Christopher’s office. He could not concentrate on the work he had to do as he kept on replaying the conversation with Vivian on his head. As a result of that, he decided to retire to his apartment earlier than usual.
  • Christopher couldn't imagine how much his life had changed in 72 hours. He met Naomi, the first person he ever felt something for and then, she disappeared before he knew it and now that he was close to finding her and making her his, Vivian showed up with unexpected news.
  • He knew Vivian was very much obsessed with him which was why he tried to avoid her because he knew she was up to something but he never thought she would stoop so low by finding a way to get pregnant so he would be tied to her.
  • The sound of the doorbell brought Christopher out of his thoughts. He went to answer it. It was Andre and Ruben, his close friends. He called them earlier because he needed someone to talk to before he goes crazy and they promised to come over after they close from work.
  • Andre and Ruben gave Chris a brotherly hug before they stepped into his apartment. They each took a seat on different couches and Ruben broke the silence.
  • “Here’s what you asked for?” He passed a brown sealed envelope to Chris. It contained all of Naomi’s information.
  • “Thank you,” Chris muttered after collecting the envelope from Ruben. He placed it on a small table beside him, sighed and then spoke: “I’m in some deep shit guys; Vivian has finally ruined me!”
  • “What did she do?”
  • “I thought you told me she promised to keep her distance?”
  • Ruben and Andre asked respectively.
  • “I thought the same too. I thought she was finally over me until she appeared at my office earlier today with a doctors’ report confirming that she was pregnant.”
  • “What???” Ruben screamed in horror.
  • “Shit!.” Andre cursed. “Are you sure this child is yours? Is she even pregnant?” He asked.
  • “I remember waking up naked next to her so I won’t deny the fact that something happened between us. I think she’s pregnant because she said she was willing to undergo any form of DNA test to prove that the baby is mine if I can’t wait till he or she is born.”
  • “The Doctors report was signed by Doctor Crawford, my family doctor. I called him as soon as Vivian left my office and he confirmed that Vivian was Pregnant.”
  • “So what are you going to do now?” Ruben asked.
  • Christopher ran his fingers through his already messy hair. “I don’t know but Vivian is insisting we get married as soon as possible.”
  • “She’s pretty smart; She got pregnant to lure you into marriage. She really has no shame.” Ruben concluded.
  • “She’s dreaming if she thinks I’ll get married to her. I don’t love her, hell, I can’t even stand her presence. I told her I’ll support the child in every way I can but she kept on ranting that she would never have our baby out of wedlock.”
  • “To be honest, Vivian is pretty manipulative. She didn’t come this far for you to say you won’t get married to her. I think you have no choice but to marry her.” Andre said sincerely.
  • “How can I marry her when my heart is with another woman? How can I get married to Vivian who I don’t love when all I think of is Naomi?”
  • “Naomi? Like this same Naomi I investigated?” Ruben asked and Chris nodded.
  • “Where did you guys meet?” he asked.
  • “At mom’s charity event on Saturday. We got to know each other a little and spent the night together. Unfortunately, she left before I woke up.”
  • “The mysterious girl that got you whipped at the party” Andre mumbled.
  • “I know I sound crazy but it is Naomi I want. The little time I spent with her was the best time of my life. This is not just about sex guys; She made me feel what I’ve never felt before. I enjoyed being in her company and making conversation with her. I had wanted to make it official the next day but she disappeared while I was sleeping, which is why I'm determined to locate her and let her know she means so much to me than just a one night stand.”
  • Ruben and Andre saw in Chris what they’ve never seen before. They saw the sincerity in his eyes as he spoke. He had never been very passionate about a woman the way he was about Naomi.
  • “Naomi might not be single you know. This feeling may be one-sided and do you think she would still want to be with you if she learns about Vivian and the baby?” Andre raised his concern.
  • “I don’t think the feeling is one-sided. I believe she feels the same way about me. I’ll talk to her, I’ll let her know how I feel about her and I’ll open up to her about Vivian and the baby. Even though chances are slim that she would want to have anything to do with me after hearing about Vivian, I’ll not give up on her.”
  • Ruben heaved a sigh. “This is really a hard one bro but no matter what you decide we’ll always be here for you.” He assured.
  • “Yes Chris, you can count on us for anything” Andre added.