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Chapter 36

  • Since it was a Sunday, Christopher did not see the need to wake up early as he does during weekdays. He tried to go back to sleep after using the bathroom at around past seven but unfortunately, he could not.
  • Suddenly, he felt like taking coffee but he had no zeal to get up from his bed. He wasn’t looking forward to anything today and more importantly, he was dreading to go out of his room because he did not want to face Vivian, his wife.
  • After twenty minutes of thinking about random things, Chris reluctantly got up from his bed, intending to sneak into the kitchen, make his coffee and return to his room to relax.
  • On getting to the kitchen, his stomach growled due to the aroma of his favourite breakfast. He stopped for a moment to think if he was in the wrong apartment. There were only two people in his apartment, he and Vivian. The thought of her being in his kitchen, making breakfast was unbelievable. The last time he checked she didn’t know how to cook and neither was she someone that liked being in the kitchen.
  • He quickened his pace to the kitchen at the thought of her burning down his apartment, he so much loved this apartment because wonderful memories were made here and he wasn’t ready to lose it for any reason.
  • He folded his arms, rested his back against the wall and watched Vivian flip pancakes, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
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