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Chapter 41

  • Four Years Later.
  • “I missed you so much, my twinkle man. Did you miss mummy too?” She asked as she showered his cute face with kisses.
  • “I missed mama too.” He giggled.
  • Naomi placed a long kiss on his forehead before pulling him into a motherly hug. She missed him terribly, She had never been away from him for this long.
  • Because of him, she hardly accepted international deals because it would require her to travel and in that situation, she couldn’t take her son along because it was just not possible.
  • There was a time she had to go to Spain for work. It was only then she took her son and his nanny along with her and that only happened because the people she went to work for in Spain agreed for her to bring him along. They wanted Naomi so bad for that project so they had no choice.
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