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Chapter 48

  • Athena
  • I stare at him. Stare as he focuses on his phone; knowing that he might not possibly notice me staring but I was wrong, I have always been wrong. He notices everything. Almost everything. My lips curve up into a smile when I see him glancing my way.
  • His blue eyes held different emotions. Different meanings. Yet, I never get to discover them. I always end up lost; he manage to do that to people—to me.
  • He sighs, lifting his hand up to caress the side of my cheek with the back of his hand—making me feel sparks flowing right through his fingers; sending jolts of electricity. Both of us didn't need to utter a single word because we both knew how action shows it all.
  • But too bad, I was dreaming.
  • I blink, returning back to reality and I see him frowning as he looks at me confusingly, probably thinking how insane I am for smiling and caressing my own cheek. ''It was itchy.'' I mutter, changing my position on the couch.
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