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Chapter 47

  • Athena
  • Alex covers my eyes with his hand; not letting me see through anything. I hold onto one of his fingers, trying to peek but he continues to lead me the way by walking behind me—more like I'm leading the way. Feels like a blind person leading a fully-functional person. ''No peeking, princess.'' He says, making me drop both of my hands to my side, sighing.
  • ''It's been hours.'' I complain.
  • ''It's been ten minutes.'' I hear him chuckle from behind me and within seconds, I feel his chest right on my back. I stiffen immediately, waiting for him to do anything further. What does he have in mind? What kind of surprise has he prepared? ''Stay still.'' He reminds before slowly removing his hand. I keep my eyes closed, somehow unable to open them.
  • ''Um, can I open my eyes now?'' I ask.
  • ''Slowly.'' He replies and I do as told. I open my eyes and I see a telescope right in front of my eyes. It stood there, near the balcony. My eyes widen at the object. I feel him wrapping his arms around my waist before kissing me on the cheek, ''Do you like it?'' His lips brushing against my earlobe before slowly unwrapping his arms.
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