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Chapter 39

  • Athena
  • Alex raises an eyebrow as I hide behind him; holding onto his shoulders—keeping my head down. I mutter curses under my breath, what the hell is he doing here? I mean, why now?! My mind feels like it's going to explode and I am not the one to bear the freaking pain. 
  • I lift my head a little, pressing my lips into a thin line. My eyes widen as I see him walking toward my direction as he pushes through the crowd. Oh no, oh no no no. Without me realising, I've been gripping onto Alex's shoulders as hard as I can; receiving a glare from him. 
  • ''What is wrong with you?'' He asks, trying to turn around so that he would be facing me but I continue to hide behind him. 
  • ''No, stop moving!'' I hiss. 
  • I peek to the side, seeing him waving at me as he slowly exit the crowd. I roll my eyes before dropping my knees to the ground and holding Alex tightly around his waist. Alex looks down at me—eyeing me in complete confusion. He opens his mouth to say something but I shake my head violently. 
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