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Chapter 49

  • Athena
  • The sound of silence. What's the beauty of it? Where's the beauty of it? It's soothingly calm; that's for sure but you can never be sure of anything—especially if you can't hear.
  • I open my eyes slowly, seeing the lightest colour of the sky—making me furrow my eyebrows at the sunlight but it does not feel the same. It feels different, it feels like I'm watching the darkness instead of the brightness. I sit up straight, taking in my surroundings.
  • My hands move around on the ground beneath me and I feel petals of flowers; with different colours such as red, blue, yellow and white. As I look around, I see myself in the middle of a park—more like a meadow. The wind blows directly onto my skin and I look down to see myself wearing a white dress that ends nicely above my knees. What confuses me most is that the brightness of my surroundings.
  • Everything seems fade; not necessarily clear. Standing up, I walk further to the middle as I look around, confused of where I should go. The real question is, what am I doing here? What's going to happen here? I see something shining quite far from where I stand and as the shining figure interrupts my vision; I use the back of my hand to cover my eyes.
  • Peeking through my fingers, I see that the figure is actually someone familiar. My hand drops down to my side as I see Alex standing inches away from me; as he smiles down, looking at my face. My mouth opens wide before curving into a small smile—surprised to see him here.
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