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Chapter 51

  • Athena
  • I don't even know where I'm heading right now—I don't even know what I'm thinking. My heart continues to hurt; somehow begging me to stop walking and just walk back toward him. But why should I? Shouldn't him?
  • I feel someone pulling my arm and as soon as I turn around, Alex pulls me closer—trying to stop me from walking any further but I act as stubborn as I always have; by pulling my arm away from him. He seems surprised at my action but he immediately pulls me once more.
  • ''Stop it, let go of me.'' I say, roughly pushing him away but he won't budge.
  • Tears are streaming down my cheeks; I can't be close to him—he's my whole weakness. Alex loosen the grip on my arm as he pulls me closer toward his body. This time, I let him wrap his arm around my body; sharing his warmth with mine. I automatically cover my face with my hands—not wanting to see his face. It confuses me by the way he acts.
  • ''Let go.'' I mutter but I stay still, knowing that I can't even escape from his grip. If he wants me here, he'll make me stay.
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