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Chapter 38

  • Athena
  • Food.
  • Two newly-served lamp chops with mash potatoes on the side and a bottle of red wine. One scented candle has been lighted up—vanishing the darkness. I walk closer toward the table, inhaling the scent. As I do, I feel something cold touches my chest area and around my neck; causing me to turn my head sideways.
  • Alex's face inches away from mine as he put on the necklace before slowly running both of his hands on my shoulders and down to my elbows. I bite my lower lip, preventing myself from shivering. He turns me around and as I turn around, I immediately meet my figure in the mirror on the wall.
  • The marquise diamonds bloom like exquisite flowers. The platinum with marquise and round brilliant diamond, shining brightly as the lightning strikes. My eyes blink in confusion, why is he giving me this? I swallow the lump in my throat, looking back at him—seeing that he's staring at me, ''Alex—'' I call out his name but; 
  • He cuts me off by pointing at the food, ''I called room service and ordered this. I don't really know what you like.'' He says, pulling out my seat and I sigh before sitting down—eyeing his every action. My eyes follow as he sits in front of me, the table in between. 
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