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Chapter 35

  • Athena
  • ''What's going on?'' I ask as I rub both of my hands together, producing heat. My eyes wander around to see unknown people walking in—taking all of the furniture out through the front door.
  • Alex stands in the middle, watching each one of them doing their job. He turns around, eyeing my body before meeting my eyes, ''We're redecorating the living room.'' He replies, a small smile appears replacing the previous appeared frown.
  • I walk closer toward him, looking up—realising that our height differences seem to be quite a lot, ''What do you mean by that?'' I raise an eyebrow, looking around. Seeing them all walking as fast as they can with at least one furniture in their hands.
  • He shrugs, ''I want to redecorate the living room. When I think about it, the living room looks a bit dull. It makes me feel boring, you know?'' He then shove both of his hands in his jeans' pocket, ''So, yeah.'' Alex adds, shrugging. 
  • ''You can't just think that the living room looks dull, Alex.'' I mutter under my breath as he continues to look down—straight into my eyes. Tugging at my shirt, I lift my hand up, faking a cough, ''Anyways, yeah, sure whatever you want to do.'' Putting both of my hands behind me. 
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