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Chapter 16

  • Athena
  • ''Rome?!'' My eyes widen when he said the destination. Alex furrow his eyebrows but he quickly cover it up with a smirk and end up being a grin. I inhale as much as I can, preventing myself to burst out in anger. Oh wait, should I be angry or should I be happy? 
  • He rubs the back of his neck, biting his lower lip, ''Well... it's only for three days because I'm busy with training.'' He ends up shrugging.
  • ''But why Italy?'' I point out with my index finger. I look down, massaging my temples. This isn't calming me down. From all the places in the world, he chose Italy. Freaking Italy.
  • ''It's just an eight hour flight.'' Alex mutters under his breath. 
  • ''Exactly.'' I bite my lower lip, holding my chin, ''When are we going?'' I raise an eyebrow at him. 
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