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Chapter 28

  • Athena
  • Clara smiles but her eyes shows sadness. I may not know how much she loves Clark but I clearly do know that anyone—and when I say anyone—I'm sure anyone would love their husband. Oh wait, correction! Anyone but me. In my situation. 
  • She starts to wipe her fallen tears and I just stand awkwardly as I watch her. Her eyes redden when they drop down to look at Colton who is now laughing with Alex, ''He was with another woman, for fuck's sake, she's not even pretty!'' Her voice came out frustrated. 
  • I hold onto her arm, turning around to look at Alex who is right now looking back at me with confusion written all over his face. He quickly stand up and point at a ice cream stand to Colton. They both walk away slowly with Alex still glancing my direction. 
  • Clara and I sit down on the previous bench occupied by Alex. She starts to bend down and rub her temples, ''What did I do wrong?'' She cries, ''Where did I do wrong?'' 
  • Soothingly rubbing my hand on her back, I don't really know how to console an upset person. She stands up straight, ''Colton doesn't know about this.'' Her eyes wander to look at my face, ''I can never tell him. How am I supposed to tell him? He's still young.'' 
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