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Chapter 40

  • Athena
  • My eyes focuses on Noah who walks down the stairs; nearing us with every step. I slowly let go of Alex's shoulders and he does the same, loosening the grip around my waist. I take a second glance to watch his expression and I swear, he's clenching his jaw while staring at Noah. Is he pissed? Would he punch him in the face?
  • ''Noah, what are you doing here?'' I ask, tucking a strand hair behind my ear as he continues to walk forward until we're close enough. I take a few step back, keeping the distance between us unoccupied.
  • ''I just got back from dinner. Saw someone out here so I decided to check it out. Didn't know it was you and Alex.'' He smiles, somehow, a part of me is saying that he's making that one up, ''I think I should go, I did interrupt something, right? I'm really sorry, shouldn't have done that.'' Then he glances toward Alex.
  • I follow his glance. Alex is right now watching the other side, not bothering to pay attention to the two of us. I feel like I want to run toward Alex and just push Noah down the pool so that he would get the meaning of 'back off'. Sighing, ''Yeah, I think you should go.'' I say, a bit too rough.
  • Noah seems to be taken aback but he nods, showing his dimple once more before slowly walking back inside. Leaving only me and Alex alone, like how we were earlier. I face Alex, ''Alex, you were saying?'' I touch his forearm, grabbing his attention.
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