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Chapter 20

  • Athena
  • Picking up my scarf from my lap, I quickly wrap it around my neck once more—not letting Alex stare any longer. Once I'm done, I look up to find him smirking and shaking his head unknowingly.
  • I furrow my eyebrows, ''What's so funny?'' I ask him. My hands on my lap, trying to hide the fact that he might be laughing at my face for my sudden action or that it is the opposite way.
  • ''Does it hurt?'' His smirk widens.
  • Knowing that someone can change in such little time impressed me. He was acting nice and sweet yesterday and up till five minutes ago but now he's back. I was starting to realise that maybe the Alex I met at the bar was coming back but now it looks like I was wrong.
  • ''It doesn't concern you.'' I reply, replacing his smirk that has fallen with my own.
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