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Chapter 43

  • Alexander
  • I look at the man I once called my father; the same man who failed raising me. Thinking back about what he had done in the past, it hurts. It doesn't matter if he didn't do a great job being a father but what matters most is that he failed being a husband. How can he just say that he doesn't love her anymore? How can anyone do that to someone? 
  • I grip harder onto the door, finding some source to hold. ''You lost the chance to call me your son when you left, eighteen years ago.'' I say through gritted teeth, holding back my anger. I can't be standing here any longer without wanting to punch his face or make his realise how stupid and naive he is for leaving us behind. He didn't even come, not even once. 
  • Not being able to remember what its like having a father—it somehow ruins my childhood. It isn't supposed to affect now for being an adult but when you haven't seen him for the past years, no one can calm down and act like everything that happened was just memories. I can never look at him the same way anymore. 
  • ''Alexander, would you please let me explain?'' He frowns, walking toward me. 
  • ''You stay away from me.'' I say a bit too rough, ''I want you to stay away. Leave me and my family alone. Don't come near me, I mean it. I don't know you and I don't ever want to know you.'' My heart clenches as I say those words that could hurt his feelings but has he ever thought about mine? About her? I quickly enter the car, not bothering to continue the conversation. 
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