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Chapter 50

  • Athena
  • Alex closes the door behind him slowly as he clench his jaw, looking down at the ground. I keep both of my eyes on him but somehow, I'm afraid of making any eye contact. Afraid if he might raise his voice at me or even push me away—I'm terrified even. Funny, how I longed for him to let go of me months ago but I crave for him. More, actually.
  • ''Just one question.'' He starts speaking, making me look away and run my fingers through my hair, nervously. ''Why?'' He asks which leaves me in silence. What am I supposed to say? Should I just grab him and say that I didn't do it? Would he even believe me?
  • ''Alex, I swear to god that I didn't do it.'' My voice cracking at the end as he smirks at me, nodding his head; but I know how he hates me right now. From the way he looks at me, it's like he wanted to get over with it.
  • He clenches his jaw once more, looking at me—his blue eyes seems dim, almost filling with hatred and disbelief. ''Yeah, do that, swear to god because that's not going to fix what you've done.'' Alex walks closer toward me, grabbing me by the chin but it's not as soft as it used to be. He stares deeply into my eyes before leaning back and walking toward the door.
  • ''No, you have to listen to me—''
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