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Chapter 11

  • Athena
  • I walk down the aisle, gripping hard onto my father's forearm. Everyone is looking at me and smiling at me. I just look down and avoid making eye contact with any of them as possible. I'm not really a big fan when people pay attention to me.
  • ''Look up, Athena.'' Dad says and I sigh before looking up—meeting eyes with the devil. He is looking at me in... awe. The look he is giving me is the look that I've never seen on him before.
  • We end up lost in each other's eyes. It was just the two of us right now. After a few seconds, his lips curve up into a small smile and without me noticing, I am only a few steps away from him.
  • Dad looks down at me, raising an eyebrow at me as a gesture to loosen the grip on his forearm. I clear my throat, feeling my cheeks heat up as I let go of his forearm. He pecks on my cheek before walking toward mom.
  • I can see Alex smirks a bit but he covers it up with a smile before grabbing my hand slowly. There's a tingling sensation and I'm sure he felt it too but oh well, let's just forget about that right now.
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