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Chapter 34

  • Athena
  • ''Mom, before you say anything—'' I cut her off, stopping her from walking forward. She looks down at Alex's sleeping form before looking back up at me, ''We'll talk outside because he just got back from Singapore yesterday and I don't think it's necessary to make such a fuss.'' 
  • She furrow her eyebrows in disagreement before crossing her arms and walking out of the room without uttering a single word. I sigh, looking down at Alex who is still in the same position. Biting lightly onto my lower lip, I softly remove his fingers one by one away from mine. He frowns but he let me. Once I manage to free myself, I stand up straight, taking the IV machine with me. 
  • I walk out from the room to see my mother standing near the wall, scrolling down her phone. She turns to look at me, ''Now, would you care to explain?'' She sighs, deeply, ''What the hell is this? All of these!'' She points at my face. I'm pretty sure she's pointing at my cuts—I can still feel the pain on my upper cheeks.
  • My eyes focus on the ground, staring at it bluntly, ''And you didn't even tell me. I'm worried, Athena!'' She continues but I grab onto her hand, making her stop. As a nurse pass us, I call out for her and ask her permission so that we could walk down to the park for a few minutes. She hesitates at first but she let us, but as told, only for a few minutes. 
  • We both sit down on the bench, watching children running around in joy. My lips curve up into a smile as I see a couple walking down the path—holding their newborn baby. She has a smile on her face ever so wide that it shows how happy she is. ''Athena,'' My mom call out for me, making me look at her furrowing her eyebrows. 
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