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Chapter 19

  • Athena
  • The mysterious man put his hand over my mouth, blocking me from screaming as he pulls me to the back, gripping hard onto my stomach. I keep on screaming but he grips harder as I keep on trying. My hands move around—struggling to break free.
  • But to only be pushed down on the ground. My hands shake as I use my elbows to move backwards—not having the chance to stand up and run away. The figure's shadows hover on top of me, blocking me from seeing his face.
  • ''Please just let me go.'' I breathe out as tears fall streaming down my cheeks.
  • The man bends down so that he is the same height as me. His hand moves up to touch my chin and I feel disgusted by his touch. The darkness surrounds us makes it harder for me to testify his face. I wanted to push him away and run but I know it won't lead me anywhere.
  • ''Can't do, sweetheart.'' He replies. My mouth widens his shock as soon as I realise who's in front of me. His voice, his sweet calming voice. I know him. I know him so much to forget. I keep on backing away from him—not even bothering to avoid the dirty ground.
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