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Chapter 27

  • Athena
  • Alex's background—his life—his past. How could I tell her? I couldn't. His background involves his past which is mostly about his parents. That they are divorced and that his mother passed away. Knowing that if I tell Joanna, I can never remove the guilt. I can never let myself feel that I betrayed him. 
  • ''Joanna, the deal is off.'' I mutter, ''There's nothing to this. If you want information, you'll get it yourself. It's your job anyway.'' 
  • She keeps quiet for awhile, ''What are you talking about? This deal isn't off.'' From her voice, she sounds a little bit pissed.
  • ''It's off.'' I repeat, ''Our deal was about Alex but you wrote about me. I'm not a part of the deal. You lied so the deal is off.'' I say, trying my best to find ways to break off the deal, ''I don't need to tell you otherwise.'' 
  • Joanna chuckles, ''Oh dear. You don't know who you're dealing with.'' Before I could say anything, she cuts me to it, ''I will make you pay, Athena. You should've given me information about Alex but somehow, you neglected me. You want out, I give you out but I will make you see, who you're dealing with. Have a good day and a successful marriage ahead of you, Mrs. Herrera.'' Then she hangs up the phone.
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