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Chapter 29

  • Athena
  • The crowd stands up, cheering as Jon run with the ball in front of him. They start to get louder and louder with every step he takes. My hands are freezing—it feels like I'm the one playing football. As Jon kicks the ball, aiming for the goal, one of their teammates run forward but the opponent team kicks the ball away. 
  • Everyone sits back down, letting out cheers of dissatisfaction. I put my hands back down, looking around. Sitting back on my seat, I look up at the screen—seeing the camera focusing on Jon who walks toward Alex as he shakes his head. Alex smirks before rolling his eyes afterwards. 
  • The camera follows as Alex head toward the side, waiting for the ball from the corner. Two of his teammates follow him but they stay further away from each other—protecting each side so that they might have a chance of capturing the ball. 
  • ''Herrera seems to be enjoying this as much as his teammates.'' Arnold starts to speak, laughing as they keep on eyeing the footballers, ''Well he's a newly-wed after all.'' Bob says out of nowhere and they both laugh once more. 
  • From the screen, it shows that Alex has a five o'clock shadow. He looks directly at Liam who's giving him signs. As soon as he nods, the ball is now flying on the thin air, waiting to be caught. Alex's teammates separate from one another and they take their position, covering from every corner. 
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