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Chapter 18

  • Athena
  • ''Athena?'' The same voice that became my drug, my comfort. I can't believe I am meeting him here. Out of many places in the world, I am meeting him here, in Rome. Why? Seeing his face just makes me want to shove a knife down his throat and let it cut through.
  • Even though I don't have feelings for him anymore. My anger toward him will never disappear. After all those cheating he has let me go through—how can he be so calm right now? How can he show me his innocent look? How can it not give him pain?
  • How did I manage to fall for the man who never once care for me?
  • ''Jeremy.'' I mutter under my breath, my voice sounding a little bit faint. My eyes never looking away from his—they show shock and realisation but I know they are all lies. Lies that I would never end up believing. Ever.
  • I can't seem to smile or show any expression. I'm utterly speechless—seeing him here. We are not supposed to meet each other. Even in New York, I was grateful not never seeing him again after knowing he has been cheating on me continuously. But right now, I feel like slapping him across the face and leave.
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