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Chapter 88: Anonymous Accusation Letter?

  • The authorities soon cracked down on Henry Texton. After he was fired, he further indulged in gambling and had to borrow money from illegal private banks. He could not return the loan at the deadline and borrowed more from other banks to pay off the previous ones. Finally, one of the irritated loan sharks shot him.
  • And it was such a coincidence that among the guys arrested for battery in the alley near the college, one of them worked for that very bank. He confessed to ordering the hit on Henry.
  • The illegal banks were the targets of the police investigation this time, and his boss fled before the fighting happened.
  • The case was closed, but Jimmy still did not feel right. He talked to his Captain in private to confide his doubts. He wanted to trace from the lead of Chasin Group because Henry’s girlfriend went missing at the same time Henry got shot. And she had asked her friend to help keep a CD containing Chasin Group data.
  • The Captain asked, “Where is the evidence? Witness?”
  • Jimmy thought of Kate’s concerns and could not reply.
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