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Chapter 139: There Are Additional Issues

  • After a moment of silence, Donald got frustrated and blamed Jessie, “Why don’t you have self-esteem?”
  • Jessie put her hand to her cheek and looked at him in disbelief. And then she raised her voice, “You are right. I don’t have self-esteem because nobody taught me to have it.”
  • Pain and regret flashed over Donald’s eyes. When he was young, he put all his energy into his career.
  • He took an appointment in another city. His wife was seriously ill, and he only went back when he got a notice from the hospital that his wife was in critical condition.
  • When he got to the hospital, his wife had already closed her eyes forever. And his five-year-old daughter was dumbfounded, sitting by her side.
  • Donald was immersed in this sorrowful memory when his daughter fell on his chair, with her hands covering her face and tears coming through her fingers.
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