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Chapter 32: She Looks Different

  • Kate was totally different from how she looked before. She had always wrapped herself with those wrinkled, baggy clothes, and her jagged bangs almost covered half of her face.
  • Today her new hairstyle exposed her smooth forehead; her shining brown eyes were bright and spirited and widened because of fear; her lips were glossy and full as she applied lipstick; the slightly lifted mouth corners made her face more delicate.
  • And the new outfits revealed her true body shape. The pearl color strapless dress showed her round shoulders and creamy arms. The tight top of the dress formed the shape of her full breasts.
  • The first time he saw her, she was like a kid to him, but the kid was a grownup today, young but not naïve, sexy but not lustful.
  • After he assessed her in his mind secretly, he looked at the watch on his wrist and said, “But I have spared the time, especially for you.”
  • He was pleased to find his words caused some terror in her eyes. He changed his idea, “Need to do one thing first.”
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