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Chapter 82: How Did It Happened?

  • Jimmy didn’t say anything but held Kate’s shoulder and moved through the crowd to a safer place.
  • The place didn’t much deserve the word safe either. It was messy too. It was the space between two houses. A huge garbage bin with scattered garbage around it served as cover. They stood behind the garbage bin and breathed the stench in the air.
  • Kate tried to move to a place farther away from the chaos. And the noise of shouting, screaming, throwing things, and beating was still audible.
  • “How did it happen?” She asked Jimmy.
  • “Gangs were fighting for territory, trouble provocation, revenge, and business rivalries.” Jimmy stared at the ground and said in a low voice.
  • “Gangs?” Kate was surprised. It was hard to imagine gangs fighting would happen in an alley close to school.
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