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Chapter 122: Are You Cold?

  • After it ended, they lay on the carpet panting.
  • They were both waiting for the shock, which was different from previous times and was from inside to outside, to fade away. Tristan leaned against her back and asked gently, “Are you cold?”
  • Kate’s only reply was the slight shivering of her body.
  • He took off his half wet shirt to cover her and fumbled for the remote to adjust the temperature higher. The bedroom was not far away, but they didn’t want to move or forgot about it.
  • Kate slept for a whole day. Though she was tired, she was sobered and sobered in the dark. And she knew the person beside her felt the same.
  • When the climax faded away, and the temporarily forgotten subject came back, the joy was diluted by the sorrow accumulated little by little. It became a cloud hovering above both of them.
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