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Chapter 22: Are You In Love Now?

  • There was one young policeman who listened to her carefully. He mentioned the name of a consortium casually to the drunken man. He said that making trouble for his father at this time might not be worthwhile. The man’s swollen arrogance assuaged, and then with the intervention of the manager and staff, it was agreed that the center would pay him for his injury.
  • Kate quit that job decisively, and of course, the manager would not let her work there anymore. Betty suggested she go to the spa section, but Kate was furious at this suggestion. She also heard that the masseuses fought for guests and formed cliques. Betty must have wanted her to join her clique so that they could be stronger.
  • Kate accused Betty of impure intention to use her, and Betty criticized her for being ungrateful. They fought, and Kate moved out of the house. She paid Betty the last bit of rent she owed.
  • Kate’s strong and stubborn personality prevented her from going back home. So she rented a house for herself and found a job as a waitress in a restaurant. She worked for two months but received not a cent.
  • Her boss was a member of a gang and found every excuse not to pay her. She ran out of money and became sick. Kate’s landlord kept pressing her for rent and requested her to move out immediately. At the moment when she was sick in bed with no money to buy medicine and no strength to get food, as she thought she was going to die, Betty appeared again.
  • Betty paid the rent for her and gave Kate another five hundred dollars. She told her to go back home with the money or find another job when she got well if she preferred.
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