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Chapter 132: It Is Only A Marriage In Name

  • Back at the office, the secretary had been gone since last night. Tristan poured a cup of water for Jessie and sat face to face with her.
  • “They just had a meeting, and a special team was built to look into this case. They will dig up the problems of the Chasin Group…”
  • Jessie went back to see her father a couple of days ago. Last night she overheard her father taking a call in the study. She heard “Chasin” mentioned, and so she kept it in mind.
  • After her father went to sleep, Jessie took his keys and went to search for his study. She found a file in his drawer that listed the crimes of Chasin, including smuggling, Tristan’s involvement in murdering and bribing government officials, and more.
  • She was shocked, and it took her half the night to digest what she had read.
  • That morning, she contacted her friend in the city government. Because of her job and her father, she had accumulated quite a considerable social network in the government.
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