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Chapter 21: Another Nightmare

  • On the way back, Kate stayed silent.
  • A deliberately avoided history had been dug back up suddenly.
  • After Kate had quit school, she worked at a canned food factory in her hometown. She did not make much money, but it was better than nothing.
  • The land in their area was thin, and the weather in those years was not good, so there was never a large yield. Even the farmers had very little attachment to their land. The young people always sought to go away to the big cities.
  • Betty, who was one of the girls that had left for the coastal cities, seemed to make quite a lot of money. When Kate was still working her head off in order to get into a good senior high school, Betty went to Los Angeles with a few girls. When she came back for Christmas, she was dressed in completely different clothing and won much admiration from her friends and their parents.
  • Quite a lot of girls wanted to go back with Betty, but Betty only wanted Kate to come with her. The reason was simple. Kate was easy-going, pretty, and did great at school. In short, she made a good company and would never cause trouble with others.
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