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Chapter 150: The Warrant Is Approved

  • Dawn.
  • Tristan was dozing off, leaning the head again. In just a few minutes, he had a dream.
  • Kate was holding a little pink baby and teasing it. “Where is the baby? Tell mommy where daddy is.” The little baby had big blue eyes rolling quickly around. His heart was melting and also jumping wildly. The little thing found him, and it put its thumb into its mouth and sucked. Kate kissed it on the cheek and said, “Let’s go find daddy, ok?” And then she went out with the kid.
  • Tristan was surprised and wanted to say a word, but he could not make any sound.
  • He was anxious and woke up.
  • He was in a daze for a moment, and then he realized the phone was ringing.
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