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Chapter 47: I Gave You A Chance

  • As Kate had many emotions in her heart, she tossed and turned in bed and could not sleep.
  • Tristan went back to the bedroom and showed her the new cell phone, saying generously, “Make a call to Jimmy. He had called several times.”
  • Kate saw the number on the screen and got nervous. She wanted to grab the phone, but Tristan raised it to a height she could not reach. And then he dialed the number slowly and gave it to her. Kate didn’t want to talk with Jimmy at this time, so she pressed hang up.
  • Tristan raised his eyebrows and made a long face. “This is your only chance. If you don’t take it, you will have to wait for one month.”
  • He got the effect he wanted-Kate’s eyes widened.
  • Tristan dialed Jimmy’s number again and gave the phone to Kate. She didn’t hang up this time.
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