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Chapter 7 How Is Your Father?

  • To release Kate’s anxiety, the man smiled and poured a cup of tea for her and started chatting as if they were friends, “How is your father?”
  • Kate felt her heart being stabbed by a needle. She answered awkwardly, “Just like that.”
  • The man put the cup of tea in front of her. Kate was startled by this ordinary behavior.
  • He poured a cup for himself and took a sip. “Nice. Have the hot tea. It can help you warm up.”
  • Kate wondered what he was playing at. She was on the verge of saying, “Stop beating around the bush.” But instead, she took up the cup and had a drink. She was nervous and drank too fast. The tea was too hot, and she almost wanted to spit it out.
  • The man waited until she put down her cup and put his cup down too. He said, “Miss White, how about we make a deal.”
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