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Chapter 159: Should We Go Back?

  • Four years ago, she graduated from police college and came to this LA Police section with a few other young men. The person who received them was a tall and nice-looking young policeman. He took up the name list and read slowly, “Bob Lean Bruce, Frank George Cole, Claire Apple Trees?”
  • The new guys laughed. She flushed and said, “It is Trice.” Her name got her into trouble whenever she went to a new place.
  • And after she got familiar with the nice-looking colleague, he sometimes would call her, “Hey, Apple Trees. Come here and help me.” She would always bounce to his side.
  • A month later, after they cracked the morbid killer case, Jimmy and Claire had their wedding in a hotel.
  • The groom was known to be good-looking all the time. And he looked even better in a tailor-made black suit and caught a lot of eyeballs who happened to pass the lawn of the hotel. However, who really stunned the guests was the bride, who was always in uniform and without wearing makeup usually. For this day, Claire had not cut her hair for three months and had it grow to shoulder length. Now she finally could have an updo bride hairstyle. And after put on her makeup, the bridal crown, and veil, wedding dress, she was totally different from the tomboy she used to be.
  • When they walked together on the lawn to the flower arch, the guests whose eyes followed them all felt jealous of them.
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