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Chapter 76: Just One Time

  • Kate's usually cool skin was warm now because of her sickness, and it felt different. The two-round marshmallows in the front were fuller than the first time Tristan had touched them. They filled his palm, and were soft as pudding, and seemed like they would melt with just a little strength pressure.
  • Tristan put some strength on his palms, and he heard her cry softly in suppression, which sounded like an extremely pleasant malady to him.
  • His palm cruised down across her flat belly and into her pants. Along the familiar route, his hand moved over the soft hair and into the cave, where he was wrapped with a tight muscle.
  • The extremely high temperature inside made his heart jump like it was going to run out of his chest. He could not hold it in anymore.
  • Kate had a natural resistance to him and used her hand to push his chest away, but her strength was negligible. She kicked her legs to help, but he was stimulated by her struggle, and his hand went deeper in and felt the moisture inside.
  • Tristan lost control of himself, and his lower part became erect as his breath turned heavier.
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