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Chapter 143: Continue The Investigation

  • The sun rose on a new day.
  • In an alley of Old Town, some restaurants were busy serving breakfast. In the takeout window, a 16 or 17-year-old teenager was waiting in the line. His light gold hair was glistening under the sunshine. He got a few doggy bags and walked hastily away. At the intersection, he turned and then entered a house.
  • “Breakfast!” He shouted after he pushed the door open.
  • Inside the house, curtains were pulled closed, and there was heavy smoke in the air. Some beer bottles lay on the floor. A bald man was sleeping on the couch, and a few others sat on the floor with their backs leaning on the wall.
  • They were the suspects that escaped the gangster crackdown action a few months ago. As the police had checkpoints at almost all exits of the city, they could not flee out of the city.
  • They thought they could hide for some days and waited until the control was loose. However, their pictures soon appeared on the wanted list, and bounties were offered to anyone who could provide information about their whereabouts. They could not walk down the street for fear of being recognized.
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