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Chapter 118: Thank You For Today

  • “The photo will be ready in 3 days, framed. Leave your address with our assistant, and we will deliver it to you.” The photographer instructed them. But Tristan’s mother wanted to have the photo immediately.
  • The assistant came with a digital camera and took another one for them, printed it out, and gave it to Tristan’s mother. The photographer shrugged and smiled helplessly.
  • “Customer satisfaction. Slow or fast, as you like.” The assistant stuck her tongue out at the photographer.
  • Tristan’s mother took the photo and pointed to it, “Kate, Tristan…”
  • Kate took a glance at it and found it looked like a family portrait. Everyone looked good in the photo. It was quite harmonious.
  • After they left the photo studio, Tristan checked his watch and said, “Let’s go to have lunch. I haven’t had breakfast today.”
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