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Chapter 102: Are You Going To Marry Her?

  • It was not something reasonable, but looking at his experienced action, it seemed very natural too. The warm sunshine went into the room. He was busy while she was looking on with a cat in her arms. How would an outsider interpret this scene?
  • Suddenly, Tristan paused and picked a thing from the table and looked at her, asking seriously, “Where did this come from?”
  • In his hand was a half-smoked cigarette. “Taken from my study?”
  • Kate didn’t reply and was ready to fight back.
  • “Stop this nonsense.” He replied, “No more next time.” He threw the cigarette into the dustbin and went on with his mopping.
  • Kate expected he would lose his temper, in which case she could vent out her anger too. But he let it pass. It was so depressing.
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